Stardoll Heaven
Anna Malicka & Julie De Kezel

Opening: 02.02.2024, 18:00
02.02 – 24.03.2024

Komplot, Place du Conseil 4 Raadsplein, 1070 Anderlecht

Open the door to the bedazzling crib of Stardoll Heaven, a collaborative universe by artists Anna
and Julie De Kezel. This enchanting heaven marks their first presentation in Brussels, a city
that witnessed the birth of their amical synergy. Former roommates turned artistic collaborators, Anna
and Julie invite you to join them in the celebration of their shared journey within the realm they once
called (second) home.

  • Sunday 25.02: Event starting at 10:00 – Matineé x M.E.S.S.Y x Komplot
  • TBA xx.03: Artist talk Spilling the tea time – Anna Malicka & Julie De Kezel in conversation with Anna Laganovska.

Stardoll Heaven unfurls within a sphere that was once a h(e)aven of kinship for both artists – a place
where time seemed to stretch and artistry knew no bounds. Through countless hours spent together,
their shared space transformed into a multiverse of rooms, each echoing the polyphonic, harmonious
cohabitation of two distinct artistic practices. This exhibition communicates as an imaginative chatbox
for their artsy-craftsy dialogue, exploring – and breaking – the new house rules that emerged from the
fusion confusion of Anna and Julie’s unique perspectives.

Enter the utopian realm where good dolls find their place – Stardoll Heaven These dolls, having
navigated the heterotopic limbo of finishing their to-do lists, reside in a world where dreams are as
vivid as the moonlight during the witching hour. Busy bees in the city, they dream big day ‘n’ nite
(nightmare), gossiping about their hidden garden, spillin’ tea over tomorrow’s old news, and flaunting
the Guinness book of world records-smallest painting for a naive 12-year-old. In the hustle and
bustle of an emerging artist’s life, they even find time for illicit make-up experiments, applying micro
amorph stiletto shades to morph into Phantom Thief Jeanne roller_blade_core.

Witness the juxtaposition of the lovely, lonely doll, surrounded by a sea of roomies in Stardoll Heaven.
Anna Malicka and Julie De Kezel invite you to revel in the joy of artistic camaraderie, where each doll
tells a story of resilience and imagination. The installations include a creeping creek flowing through
a Squeaky Mountain, adorned with medallion portrait’s of Prodigy Heels and conical on my
epidermal creations. Experience the Vertical Drop of Anna’s agenda, where the unreal estate agency,
“StiTcHeS of iTcHeS,” unveils the kitches of unconventional dreams. Lets’ ascend to SSttaarrddoollll HHeeaavveenn –
where every moment is documented in the Sunshine Almanach, and every step is a roller-blading
journey into the DrEaM LaNd Vlog! Whiiiiiiiiiiiiiii (x3) ♡

With the support of Fédération Wallonie – Bruxelles, COCOF, Cultuurdienst Anderlecht