Ectomie Patriarcale – PEAU 3rd volume organised by Xeno –

Opening: 13.06.2024, 17:00
13.06 – 04.07.2024

Komplot, Place du Conseil 4 Raadsplein, 1070 Anderlecht

Ectomie Patriarcale reappears in the Brussels landscape organised by Xéno for volume III ‘ PEAU ‘ , which proposes the vertical crossing of a new organ, at the Komplot exhibition space in Anderlecht.

After Schneck and Glotte, it’s the turn of PEAU to be unravelled by artists :
Aïcha Snoussi, Hanane El Farissi, Léa Brami, Mélanie Peduzzi, Deborah Lothe, Ichraf Nasri, Abigaël H and aurore morillon, surrounded by scenographer Lucie Pinier.


(registration required: xenoplateforme@gmail.com)

  • Wednesday 19.06 : at 16:00 Do-in workshops, learning self-massage in Chinese medicine, by Isabel Clauss
  • Sunday 23.06: Bread-making workshop by Abigaël H.
  • Thursday 27.06: at 14:00 Do-in workshops, learning self-massage in Chinese medicine, by Isabel Clauss

It’s an invitation to penetrate the skin’s layers: from epidermis to dermis to hypodermis.
As a support for signs, patterns and traces, the skin asserts or assigns a specific identity.
This is the observation of a cultural and constructed skin that carries with it situated histories of gender and race, histories that are sedimented in relations of power.

First and foremost, it’s a skin that acts as a script, a witness-constat skin, inviting us to take a look at what’s ill.
Then comes the extraction: getting out of patriarchy. Beyond the
preconceived notion of a border-skin between an exterior and an interior, we’re looking instead for the place of contact, of exchange.
of contact, exchange and conversation.

About Xeno –

It is both an artistic platform and a research laboratory on intersectional feminist issues. Its origins lie in the under-representation of women, racialised and queer artists in exhibition programming. This absence highlights the reality of gendered and racial relations of domination. As a result, Xeno- supports, promotes and raises the profile of these emerging national and international artists. The main forms of action are the production of cultural and artistic events: exhibitions, conferences and workshops. Xeno- favours artists who show commitment in their creative process, questioning the normative aspects of society and pushing back their limits by initiating dialogue and reflection.

Through creation and culture, the platform stimulates innovative and open thinking, a space for critical reflection based on difference and exchange. Xeno wants to encourage the sharing of practices and create a diverse cultural landscape that reflects our contemporary society. Xeno’s commitment is to art as a political and social tool for an intersectional struggle, based on a number of questions: how can we nurture a new contemporary artistic paradigm based on concepts of collectivity? How do we situate ourselves in society as women, racialised, LBTQIA+ artists? Xeno- was initiated by Tunisian artist Ichraf Nasri and Belgian artist Mélanie Peduzzi in Brussels in 2020.

With the support of Fédération Wallonie – Bruxelles, COCOF, Cultuurdienst Anderlecht